We are a Full Service Firm

E.L. Robinson (ELR) Engineering has been providing its clients with quality products and superior service since 1978. Our staff combines state-of-the-art technology, experienced professionals and innovative methods as a solution to our clients' most difficult challenges.

Mine Engineering

There is a strong and influential mining history throughout the Appalachian region. As a West Virginia-based company, E.L. Robinson (ELR) Engineering has contributed to this history and has achieved years of experience as a leading mine engineering company. We offer a complete array of mine engineering services including planning, design, permitting, and surveying.

Mine Services

To ensure complete mine safety and quality work, ELR offers in-depth mining calculations, analysis, and planning. Our staff dedicate themselves to every project and are committed to only well thought out mine engineering.

  • Valley Fill Volume Calculations
  • Sediment Pond Storage Calculations
  • Reclamation Re-grade Cut/Fill Analysis
  • Post Mine Use Planning


We provide full assistance through the mine permitting process. The staff at ELR is highly knowledgeable in mine permitting requirements and will direct clients to timely and successful project completion.

  • Mining Permits
  • Drainage Certification
  • Pond Certification
  • Incidental Boundary Revisions
  • Phase Release Certifications
  • Annual/Quarterly Valley Fill Certifications


E.L. Robinson Engineering is committed to a quality and detailed mine engineering design. Our staff knows that only a carefully planned design will appropriately supplement safe and effective mine engineering projects.

  • Valley Fill Design
  • Sediment Control System Design
  • Sediment Pond Design
  • Reclamation Re-grade design


We combine our unmatched surveying expertise with familiarity and experience in mine engineering to bring clients the most highly advanced mine surveying and mapping. This expertise is supplemented by our dedication to providing clients with the most complete mine engineering services. 

  • Surface Mine Surveying
  • Aerial Mapping Control Surveying
  • Stockpile Surveys
  • Reclamation Grade Stake-out
  • Valley Fill Stake-Out
  • Pit Stake-Out
  • Pit Maps
  • As-build Drawings