Proven Performance.

E.L. Robinson Engineering has continually adapted and expanded its skill set to best serve and improve the communities in which we work and live. The following highlighted and sample projects provide a very small glimpse at what ELR has accomplished over the past 35 years in the civil engineering field.

Wayne County 2010 Project

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Cost: $


  • Public Water and Wastewater Systems Development


  • Public Infrastructure

Initial tasks involved in the Wayne County 2010 Plan were:

  • Met with utilities in the county
  • Field verified all existing utilities
  • Inspected all water treatment plants
  • Interconnected all water treatment plants
  • Prepared IJDC applications
  • Identified funding opportunities
  • Prepared funding applications

Result:  Developed a 10-year plan to provide water service to approximately 98% of the county residents and interconnect the existing utilities.  Has resulted in four funded waterline extension; three additional projects approved by RUS with funding applications submitted.