Proven Performance.

E.L. Robinson Engineering has continually adapted and expanded its skill set to best serve and improve the communities in which we work and live. The following highlighted and sample projects provide a very small glimpse at what ELR has accomplished over the past 35 years in the civil engineering field.

Meadowbrook Road Bridge

Location: Meadowbrook Road, Harrison County, West Virginia

Client: West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways

Cost: $


  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Surveying & Technology
  • Transportation Engineering


  • Transportation

E.L. Robinson Engineering Co. was hired by the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways to prepare engineering design, construction plans and specifications of superstructure components for a new four lane divided highway bridge along Meadowbrook Road in Harrison County, West Virginia.

The bridge consisted of composite welded steel plate girder (79" deep) on semi-integral abutments and two column bents on wall shafts (101.7' high) supported by spread footings and drilled shafts. The total width of the bridge is 47.5 feet (out to out) - West & East bound each. The total length of the bridge is 703' (c/c bearings). There are five (5) spans on the bridge with the longest span length equaling 155 feet. The estimated project cost for the Meadowbrook Road Bridge came to $7,560,000.

E.L. Robinson Engineering Co. not only provided surveying services, engineering design and plans, but also provided geotechnical investigations and hydraulic studies.