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Ray Tilley, P.E.

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Ray Tilley, P.E.

Director of Operations - Beckley

Mr. Tilley’s is highly experienced in the water and wastewater engineering field. He has worked as a regulator, a PSD Manager and operator as a consulting engineer and has experience in grant and proposal writing. His varied knowledge offers clients an engineering professional who can assist in the funding of projects, prepare the necessary studies, design the project, work with regulators to secure approvals and oversee implementation. Mr. Tilley has the experience and in-depth understanding to see a project from the perspective of an engineer, a utility manager, and an operator.

During his career, Mr. Tilley has taken many water and wastewater projects from concept to successful completion. As a Project Manager, Mr. Tilley emphasizes communication, operator involvement in the design process, and seeks to provide a design which will be economical to build, operate, and maintain.


B.S. Civil Engineering, West Virginia Institute of Technology, 1975
Master of Science Sanitary Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute of State University, 1976